Coir Association Pvt Ltd

Since 1998

Coir Association Pvt Ltd

We, at Coir Association Pvt Ltd, have been in Business since 1998. We Stared as a Coir Fibre Exporting Complany and now we Import/Export so many products and have developed our business internationally.

We always try to give the Best out of the Best to our valuable coustomers. We also keep close track of our staff to see whether they make our coustomers unhappy in anyway, because we give coustomer satisfaction at a high level.

In the world where people have no concern for enviornment we can Shout Out that since 1998 we have been a manufacturer of Eco-Green Products which are 100% Biodegradable and 100% Natural.

New Plans : In 2018 We are planning to get a solid connection with foreign universities in order to send Sri Lankan Students abroad for higher education.
Why we are Special than Others?
  • 19 Year of Excellence
  • All our Production have high tecnological devices which provide proven tests that our products are upto standards.
  • Our whole Company runs under well educated people so experience plus knowledge = Best of Best.
  • We deliver goods to your door step.
  • Why wait? Contact us today and get your requirments done.